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Sponsor the SET eXPerience 2020 and do business and networking with the entire audiovisual industry!

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SET eXPerience:
the advent of a new experience!

We invite everyone to join us in this new way of doing business and consuming content.

Discover the 3 phases of SET eXPerience.


Become an exhibitor

Your company will be very welcome at SET eXPerience 2020! Creative strategies have been developed so that your brand enjoys even greater visibility and connection with your audience through this new experience. Contact the Commercial Department.


Video demonstration by the sponsor that will be presented at the SET eXPerience Tracks and Academy moments.

Video demos of the most innovative products and software programs of the exhibitors at the SET eXPerience, covering the entire, entertainment and technology industry.


Share your event online

Discover product launches and details about all the press conferences held by SET eXPerience exhibitors before, during and after the event products.

Highlight of the exhibitor at an advanced level and live on all digital assets of the event.

Join more than 80,000 people impacted in the 3 phases!

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